Deep Cut: That's A Wrap On 2022

January 08, 2023

Deep Cut: That's A Wrap On 2022

What. A. Year. It's been a wild ride up north, and (almost) all for the better in our book. But here's what stayed the same. We still love hand-making pieces that help you enjoy your home and your favorite things. We still love seeing what you do with them. We still love the beautiful indoors and listening to records. And we still wish mosquitos were wiped off the face of the planet. I mean really, didn't they figure out how to do that? Remember that RadioLab? Why haven't we done that yet?? I mean, couldn't we just...okay, okay...we digress. Here are the highlights of Deep Cut's 2022:


New Website Alert: After a lot of work, new photography, and hemming and hawing, we launched our new website. Why? Lots of reasons. But the main one was to make it easier to use and better to look out. Simple nav, better structure, once-click purchasing, the list goes on. The results suggest it was an upgrade.

Deep Cut's new website launched in January 2022

New Deep Cut website featuring easier navigation, new product photos, and easy one-click checkout.

 Sauna Action: Most of the team is now rocking a sauna on their property (one to go). We live in Minnesota, as you may know. Minnesota is known for having...winter, as you may also know. And sauna-ing aligns so perfectly with what we care so much about: enjoying your space, spending time on yourself, relaxation, health benefits, and more. Whether it's after a long day in the woodshop or a long day of writing blogs, it is the key to sur-thrival in the deep North.

Woodfired sauna by Nomad Saunas

Sauna by Nomad Sauna in Minneapolis

Toddlers! Baby We're kind of private about the kids, but we can say we had one new addition plus two that were promoted to the rank of "rascally two year olds". They are amazing, joyous, and hilarious, often on purpose. Enough said.

Kenneth the Corgi, dad, and baby

Toddlers, a baby, and some long-standing pups, including Kenneth the Corgi here

Trips! Between the team, some amazing adventures went down this year. From epic backpacking all over the rockies to Austin, Boulder, Seattle, Atlanta, Livingston (MT), New Mexico, Phoenix, the group, especially those without little ones, covered some miles! 

Kera looking out at a mountain lake

Rob and Kera raft and hike the rockies of CO, Wyoming, and Idaho

Curated Record Bags! It was a long dream of ours to find a way to harness the record curation skills of Josh Cozby, owner of the Pittsburgh record store / mecca, The Government Center. In 2022, we finally made that happen in the form of the Curated Record Bag. And those of you who got in on the action have said some amazing things. What can we say, Josh is the algorithm we deserve. 

Curated Bag of Records available from Deep Cut in partnership with The Government Center Record Store in Pittsburgh

Deep Cut in a Hotel! We can't say too much as of yet, but Deep Cut was approached by a design firm working on a boutique hotel and, long story short, Deep Cut Flip Shelves are going to be featured in every room of this gorgeous new destination. It is set to open in March of this year, so stand by for more on that. Record players and Flips in every room? That's our kind of hotel.

Deep Cut Flips to be featured in new boutique hotel opening soon

That's all we can say, that's all we can show, shhhh

Kera Joined The Crew! Truly, the biggest game changer of all. Kera, standalone superstar and wife of owner / head maker Rob, joined the squad. She sands, she finishes, she boxes, she fulfills, and that's just to name a few of what she brings to the table. We instantly became a better business and brand. Plus, she keeps Rob in check and they are hilarious to watch. The reality show is surely coming soon. 

Kera joins Deep Cut

A little welcome gift on Kera's first day

Unite In Minnesota! Little known fact, when we started Deep Cut back in 2018, only Rob lived in Minnesota. Then in 2019, Rich danced his way up north. Finally, in 2021, Clark finally took the bait. 2022 was the first full year of all three owners of Deep Cut living in the same state. First time since 2001 that these two brothers and cousin shared a state bird (you must have guessed that it is a Loon, yes? Good. You know your stuff). 

Deep Cut owners unite in Minnesota in front of the woodshop

Two Porter brothers and a cousin living in the same state, MN, for the first time in over 20 years

The Numbers: So many fun little milestones and numbers crossed as well. We sold our 4,500th Deep Cut piece. We got our 2,000th customer. We've now sold to customers in 49 states (coming for you South Dakota) and over 10 countries. We reached 4,000 Instagram followers! And, most importantly, our collective record collection crossed 1,500 (total guess, but can’t be far off). Good thing we have an in on some storage 😉. 

Beyond that, we made so many amazing new friends along the way. From enthusiastic customers who shared their setups and said the kindest things to interior designers we interviewed or who used our pieces in their clients’ homes to photographers, artists, turntable / stereo technicians, entrepreneurs, record store owners, record collectors, and more. Truly, one of the best parts of this gig is the people we get to meet. If you’re reading this, we are most likely talking about you. So however you got here, whether you have Deep Cut in your home or not, we are beyond grateful for you. We say that kind of stuff a lot, we know. Can’t be helped. To another fine year!

What was big in your year?

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