6 Reasons We Love These Record Shelves

May 21, 2023

6 Reasons We Love These Record Shelves

We love record walls. It’s not a mystery why. We love album art. We love the story, the history, and the collective meaning albums have accrued. We love the mosaic. (We’ve written about this.) And we love that you can take the art off the wall and groove to it. 

Record wall featuring Walnut Flip Record Display Shelves

There are a lot of ways you can put your records on the wall, ranging from tape to record ledges. But we humbly submit that Deep Cut Flip Record Display shelves are the way to go. And here’s why:


A close up of a walnut Flip Record Display Shelf holding and displaying records on the wall


We love the look of natural wood in almost any context. [Joke that I like but should not make the blog: if we ran NASA, the Space Shuttle would be made out of hardwood.] The Flips are made from 100% hardwood in your choice of rich, dark Walnut or light, airy Hard Maple. And we don’t mess with the color. We don’t stain or paint them. Just given them a clear, satin finish. So they give you that firm, yet organic feel we love from a tree. 


Flip Record Display Shelves in walnut holding and displaying records on the wall

Most record walls aren’t all that functional. If you get record frames, then your vinyl is stuck in a frame. “Now playing” ledges only hold one or two records, so even if you have nine of them, that’s maybe 18 records. Deep Cut Flip Shelves, on the other hand, can hold up to 20 records. That means you can use them for storage and display. Forget “Now playing”, you can put up a whole playlist.


Four Flip Record Display Shelves displaying records around a TV and above a media console with a record player and speakers

Some of us can eat one potato chip. Some of us can’t. Flip shelves can work for both types of people. If you’ve got a few special albums and listen to the rest of your music on Spotify, Flips are great for you. If you, like us, just keep… buying…  records, flips are great too. Just get another pair when you run out of space. (And then… maybe see a therapist.)


Flip Record Display Shelves in walnut displaying records on the wall.

We like Scandinavian minimalist design (as we may have told you). Clean lines, natural materials, and no unnecessary ornamentation. For us, reducing clutter reduces stress. That aesthetic is what we had in mind when we designed our flip shelves. Simple, clean, weighty, and natural. 


A person holding Flip Record Display Shelves in maple in their hands

We like fewer things that mean more. We like craftsmanship. We like to know that the thing that we have hanging on our wall is someone’s work of pride and expression. Our flip shelves are made by hand in Minnesota by a team with exacting standards. (Sometimes, just sometimes, we get tired of hearing them talk about “quality” all the time.)

Easy Installation

Flip Record Display Shelves in maple on the wall including one empty set waiting to be filled with records

Sometimes wall-mountable products feel like a cruel joke. What is this piece? Which screws are which? We’ve bought some indecipherable stuff in the past. So when we designed our flip shelves, we knew what we didn’t want to do. We have made these things as easy as possible to install. We provide detailed instructions for a clean install. And, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we’re confident even a relative novice can put them up and make them look good. 

Two sets of Flip Record Display Shelves in walnut displaying records on the wall above a turntable system

Ok, we’re telling you we like the product we make. But we made that product because we couldn’t find the thing we wanted out there on the open market. We didn’t want a record ledge. We wanted something solid and elegant, that could hold more than one record. We take pride in our craftsmanship and clean design. And if that’s what you like and what you value, then this is a product for you. And if it’s not, no sweat. It would be boring if everyone wanted the same thing. There are a bunch of great products out there for creating a record wall. You should find the one right for you.

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